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What is Life Insurance?


Who Needs Life Insurance?


Term Insurance

  • Guaranteed coverage for a set period of time or until a specified age, as long as premiums are paid
  • Usually renewable once the time period has expired, although it’s likely premiums will increase
  • Provides a death benefit if you die within that defined period of time – it does not accumulate cash value
  • Generally allows you to purchase a higher death benefit for your premium dollars; frequently the most affordable coverage

Whole Life

  • Called “permanent” insurance because it remains in force for your lifetime as long as you pay the scheduled premiums
  • Premiums are designed to remain level over the life of the policy
  • You have the potential to build cash value that is tax-deferred and you may be able to access these funds on a tax-advantaged basis
  • When you pass away, your beneficiaries will receive the amount of the death benefit, minus any outstanding loans and loan interest that may be due on the policy

Universal Life

  • Another type of permanent life insurance that has flexibility built into it
  • The flexibility allows you to adjust the face amount of your policy, and the premiums you pay4
  • Build cash value without paying current income taxes on the increases and you can potentially access the funds using tax-free loans and withdrawals5
  • Flexibility allows you to stop paying premiums if there is enough accumulated value in your policy to cover the cost of insurance each month. You can then pay additional premiums to build back up accumulated cash value
  • You may be able to increase or decrease your death benefit depending on your life insurance needs. An increase may require additional underwriting
Two of the most popular types of Universal Life policies are Fixed Universal Life and Indexed Universal Life. One of the main differences between them is how the policy’s interest is credited. Both offer you varying degrees of guarantees and returns, based on your appetite for risk.
  • Fixed Universal Life – the interest rate is declared by the company
  • Indexed Universal Life – interest is based on the changes in the value of a market index
Sorting through a multitude of insurance options to find the best group benefits package for your business in Chula Vista can be a challenge for any employer. Offering a wide range of insurance products at affordable rates, Best Solutions Financial Group provides straightforward guidance and sensible group plans that are tailored to suit today’s business owner’s requirements.

Attract the Best Workforce

Few people have the ability to save a significant amount of their income for when they need it most, an emergency. Furthermore, with the rising cost of, well, everything, finding employment with insurance coverage is basically a necessity nowadays. Thus having insurance for your employees is no small matter. Best Solutions Financial Group will conduct a thorough needs analysis of your business and discuss your precise goals. Whether you are looking to attract the very best workforce with attractive benefits packages or improve employee retention with upgraded benefits, we offer a variety of tailored insurance solutions that address your needs and budget. Best Solutions Financial Group group insurance plans for employees can include:

Disability insurance:

  No one ever expects to need disability insurance, however accidents happen and you may need either short or long term disability coverage.

Life and Health Insurance:

You only have one life. You should have the security of knowing that there are safety measures in place for you and your family in the event of a medical issue or emergency.

Long Term Care:

Beyond regular medical insurance there is LTC insurance which is there to help individuals who require an extended period of heath care that more general insurances do not cover.

Retirement plans:

We all want to be able to retire comfortably so we can live the rest of our lives without having to work. Get in touch with one of our advisors to start your path to a comfortable future.

Supplemental Retirement Plan:

Often referred to as SERP, supplemental retirement plans allow employers to provide extra benefits in order to retain employees and reward their hard work.

Personalized Service

Best Solutions Financial Group offers attentive customer service and special attention to detail. Our team of employee benefit insurance experts are dedicated to streamlining the process of deciding which group benefits packages that are precisely tailored to your business. Call or email for answers to any questions you may have.
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